Many people that visit and come to live in Maldon ask, “Why is there no railway station in Maldon?”, after all it is a big Town that both needs and deserves a railway line.

There was once a railway line along with two stations covering Maldon & Heybridge, but they have long since been closed down and dismantled with much of the land sold off and built upon.

Back in it’s day Maldon had two rail stations. A branch line to Witham from Heybridge which was called Maldon East & Heybridge, and a branch line to South Woodham Ferrers.

Maldon East and Heybridge railway station

This impressive Victorian building can still be seen today and is located in Station Road where it is now an office block. It originally opened in 1848 and was called Maldon, then renamed in 1889 as Maldon East before becoming Maldon East & Heybridge in 1907. More from Wikipedia. Apart from the station the goods shed on the Brookes Brothers site could be seen from the Causeway, but this was controversially pulled down by builders in 2008 and the developers along with Maldon Council were subsequently fined. The railway track ran along what is now the Maldon bypass, and headed up to Maldon West Station.

Maldon West railway station

The Maldon West Station linked to South Woodham Ferrers as a branch line which opened in 1889. It was closed to passengers in 1939 and goods were transported until the line closed in 1959. It is now an industrial estate

Remnants of the old Maldon railway line can still be seen as it has become the Blackwater rail trail, and many parts of the old buildings can still be seen by ramblers and dog walkers.