After lots of work by the community, we have today handed in the petition to Maldon district Council that was signed by over 3,000 concerned residents and friends.Maldon-council-petition

Addressed to the Director of Resources, here is the letter that accompanied the petition:-

“Ref : Petition for improved safety at the Mill Lane A414 underpass, Heybridge.

Enclosed is our written petition that has 2,199 signatures. We also have an online petition running that has 1,193 signatures making a total of 3,392. You can find the online petition at the following URL –

We are asking Maldon District Council to improve the safety measures at the site of a rape earlier this year, as well as other recorded attacks there.

Currently the path, which is used by mothers and children going to and from Maldon and schools, as well as lots of other people, is too isolated and dark in the afternoons/early mornings. As a consequence many climb up to the busy main road and cross there (also the area of a death recently), but again, the lighting is so poor when it’s dark.

The community feel that the area needs improved lighting, CCTV, and cutting back of the shrubbery and trees along the path so it is visible from Tesco car-park.

This path is used by almost everyone that walks or cycles from the Bovis estates and will only increase when the new North Heybridge garden suburb is built.”