The Maldon Mud Race is becoming an institution, a novelty race that began in 1973 with a handful of racers, culminating in the race having hundreds of entrants from around the world.

maldon_mud_raceThe origins of the race began as a ‘dare’ to the landlord of the Queens Head pub to serve dinner on the Saltings across the mud dressed in a dinner jacket. The following year a bar was set up in the same place and a handful of  customers ran across the mud to consume a pint of beer and race back to the pub.

As the years passed, the beer was abandoned and the race moved to Promenade Park in Maldon and raises thousands of pounds for charity and attracts athletes from around the world who are willing to get muddy for a good cause.

Often having hundreds of people on the entry list of all ages, the race is one which is won by the stamina of clawing your way through the deep and thick marshes of low-tide River Blackwater, with the one who gets through the post-and-back course the quickest earning a place in the event’s history books and the adoration of the attending crowd, a feature which is growing year-on-year with more added to the event in order to accommodate the support.

At the time of writing, the next edition of the iconic annual Maldon Mud Race (featured in a number of ‘unusual sports’ round-ups on websites, news outlets, and sports shows around the world) will be held on Saturday 26th April 2015, and while the winner is likely to be someone who takes the race seriously rather than a costumed or celebrity participant, some good fun appears to always be had by all in the swampy conditions… especially by those keeping clean and dry to just watch the action. But why not take the slow plunge and enter if you have the means to do so? It’s only a 500 metre trudge…

The next Mudrace is scheduled to take place on 26th April 2015, get your entry forms in now – Maldon Mud Race website