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How Maldon Sea Salt Became World-Famous

A mention of the town ‘Maldon’ to someone outside Essex will most commonly, if at all, trigger one of two main instant responses – the […]

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Northey Island a True Essex Wilderness

While many would associate a trip to visiting an island to be one that entails a lengthy boat journey or plane trip, residents of Maldon […]

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Blackwater Estuary, Maldons Gateway To The Sea

Technically the primary body of water to adjoin the town of Maldon, the Blackwater Estuary is, as the name would very strongly imply, the estuary […]

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Combined Military Services Museum

The Combined Military Services Museum in Maldon is a little younger than other buildings designed to host a glimpse of history, but has arguably become […]

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The Moot Hall – Town Hall, Prison, Police Station or Armoury?

Far from being a moot point in Maldon’s history, The Moot Hall is a building with one of the most prime locations in town, noticeable […]

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Beeleigh Abbey

Located on the outskirts of the town, Beeleigh Abbey is one of Maldon’s most historic buildings, dating back to the 12th century and is located […]

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Maldon The Home Of The First Tesco Supermarket

The supermarket chain of Tesco is one which has expanded in its history to incorporate over 6,700 stores in 12 territories, and somewhere in the […]

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The Battle of Maldon

The famous Battle of Maldon took place in 991 AD, as the viking raiders of between 2000-4000 men descended on Maldon via the river Blackwater […]

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