Residents of Heybridge and Maldon have come together in a bid to make the area a safer place. After the appalling attacks near the Mill Lane underpass, both online and written petitions were setup. The petitions are now coming back in and we can report that the written petition has (so far) 2,059 signatures and the online petition gained 1,191 signatures.

Heybridge-petitionSo well done to all the 3,250 people that joined forces to make Maldon District Council take a proper look at this problem, and hopefully do something about. I will be meeting with a council representative to hand over the written petition soon.

But we are still not finished and the petitions are still out there and being signed, and you can also sign the online petition at here.

Although we have seen a small gesture from the council in clearing a few bushes around the area, we need more action. So Maldon council, the people have spoken, now show us that you are listening, and do something please.