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Northey Island a True Essex Wilderness

While many would associate a trip to visiting an island to be one that entails a lengthy boat journey or plane trip, residents of Maldon […]

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Heybridge Basin

The Heybridge Basin, locatedĀ at enough of a distance from Heybridge itself to be considered its own village at times, is a riverside area most notable […]

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Beeleigh Falls, Maldon’s Tallest Waterfall

One of the most iconic natural attractions of the Maldon area, Beeleigh Falls is no Niagara, Victoria, or Gravity, but can at least claim to […]

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The Moot Hall – Town Hall, Prison, Police Station or Armoury?

Far from being a moot point in Maldon’s history, The Moot Hall is a building with one of the most prime locations in town, noticeable […]

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Hythe Quay the Most Iconic Place in Maldon?

If searching for an iconic part of ‘Maldon’ in general, then Hythe Quay location is almost certain to be near the top of the list, […]

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Beeleigh Abbey

Located on the outskirts of the town, Beeleigh Abbey is one of Maldon’s most historic buildings, dating back to the 12th century and is located […]

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Maldon Hosts The Other Washington Memorial

Even outside of the United States of America, George Washington is a very well-known figure as a man who was a key part in founding, […]

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Promenade Park Maldon

One of the biggest tourist attractions, and a place that draws in visitors to Maldon is Promenade Park. But how did this impressive area come […]

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