One of the most iconic natural attractions of the Maldon area, Beeleigh Falls is no Niagara, Victoria, or Gravity, but can at least claim to be one of the biggest and most popular waterfalls in the county of Essex.

beeleigh falls Maldon. A tourist attraction consisting of series of locks, falls and a weir at the intersection of the river blackwater and the river chelmer.

Beeleigh Falls Attraction

Located at the midpoint between Heybridge and Langford as the crow flies, the Falls are probably more of a local secret than something being screamed from the rooftops, with even the name not being officially granted to the small man-made drop in the River Chelmer that leads to the river Blackwater Navigation Convergence.

The technical term of course is a ‘weir’, a controlled river obstruction that enables greater navigation abilities by boats and reduced risk of flooding for a nearby area, but waterfall sounds so much better. Beeleigh falls is actually a series of locks, falls and a weir that combine to make a beautiful attraction that will delight visitors.

Around 1km between the towns, it is a place within easy walking distance of even Maldon residents should they want to spend the day on a leisurely stroll, with their reward being a pleasant sight of cascading water down a small sharp decline amongst a number of locks and old buildings, the historic Beeleigh Abbey included.

Visitor map for Beeleigh lock

Beeleigh Lock Map

Accessible via public walking paths in all of its surrounding towns (with primary access points being Langford’s Museum of Power and the car park Maldon’s Tesco Superstore) and by road with parking facilities at the Maldon Golf Course, the Beeleigh Falls forks off onto the river Chelmer and passes through Fullbridge to the Hythe and forks into the other direction to the sea lock at Heybridge Basin.