Breaking News – Today see’s yet another serious assault in the dangerous underpass in Heybridge beneath the A414. As you can see from the pictures the entire underpass2length of Mill Lane from the underpass up till the Tesco bridge has been cordened off.
After speaking to the police officer, they would only confirm that a serious incident had taken place this morning.
Update – It now appears that the attack was the rape of a young women by 2 men under the underpass

Maldon rapist attacks woman in bushes

Woman raped after attack by two men in Maldon

Maldon rape: Tesco shopper raped after 2 men drag her into bushes while walking through underpass

Woman dragged into bushes and raped in Essex

This is why we seriously need lights and CCTV cameras inplace at the bridge (see our ongoing campaign to get something done about this issue). Just 2 days ago on the 23rd of January 2015, I received a letter from John Whittingdale, our local MP, saying that following my letter to him, he has written to the Chief Executive at Essex County Council explaining my concerns.

But as this issue has dragged on for years, and our concerns of two months ago have resulted in zero action, we need something doing about this major problem right now. Or do we have to wait until someone dies at this underpass before the council get off their butts?

UPDATE 27/1/2015 – Two men have been arrested on suspicion of raping a woman in an alleyway near Tesco in Maldon on Saturday. A 26-yr-old from Maldon and a 23-yr-old from London are in custody for questioning. – Read more

If you want to help then please contact Maldon District Council and SIGN OUR PETITION NOW